About Us

Nexia SSY with our international outlook offers organisations and individuals an opportunity to maximise and sustain their potential. Within the rapidly shrinking global business village we will help you navigate the increasing complex maze of global markets and recommend the optimum solutions for your business as well as your individual wealth creation and preservation.We connect you globally in more than 120 countries to our member firms who will provide you the best advice possible in response to your needs.

Nexia SSY is an independent member firm of Nexia International, a worldwide network of independent accounting and consulting firms ranked 8th among the major global accountancy and business network with a combined turnover of over USD4.5 billion. Nexia International is represented in more than 120 countries with over 34,000 employees worldwide.

Nexia SSY was established in 2011 to consolidate the following firms in Malaysia:

  • SSY Partners (AF 0040) since 1975
  • Sia & Co (AF 0310) since 1978
  • Noordin Jaafar (AF 0004) since 1983