Business Taxation

Nexia SSY has extensive experience of cross-border tax consulting services. We advise inbound and outbound international businesses on a wide range of tax compliance, tax planning and tax advisory issues. Our network sets up regional groups and task forces to deal with hot topics, including e-commerce, transfer pricing and the taxation of expatriates, in order to enable member firms to keep up to date with the latest developments and share information and know-how and cross-border collaboration on shared services.

In recent years complying with international tax laws has required much more effort, time and knowledge, and the risk of non-compliance has increased significantly. Nexia SSY and member firms can provide businesses of all types with appropriate advice to ensure compliance with their tax obligations, including corporate income taxes, indirect tax, social security taxes, state/provincial and municipal income taxes, land transfer taxes, stamp duties and sales taxes.

Transfer pricing

Cross-border transactions between related parties are increasingly subject to scrutiny by tax authorities. Failure to comply with the transfer pricing legislation that has been introduced in various jurisdictions can result in additional chargeability to tax and substantial penalties including late payment of tax. Nexia SSY can advise on transfer pricing policies and document the defence of the prices to be charged on related party transactions.

Taxation of expatriates

Moving employees across borders is a complex and time-consuming part of today’s international business world. Nexia SSY will advise on the practical as well as the tax planning aspects of leaving one country and moving to another. Services for businesses sending employees overseas and for individual expatriates on their financial management and tax issues, including pre-departure and subsequent return tax planning and compliance.

Indirect taxes

Malaysia is about to embark on the implementation of the Goods & Services Tax Act (GST) with effect from 1 April 2015. Nexia SSY offers comprehensive services in respect of chargeability to GST, procedural requirements, compliance and accounting.